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1) You Don’t Want Your Clients to Be Able to Book Online

2) You Want to Make It Inconvenient For Your Clients

3) You Don’t Want to Help Your Staff

4) You Hate Saving Money/Love Spending Money

5) You Do Not Want to Manage Your Practice’s Performance

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5 Reasons Your Veterinary Practice Shouldn't Use Chckup

Elliott Greenwood

May 19, 2023 · 4 min read


5 Reasons Your Veterinary Practice Shouldn't Use Chckup

For those who do not know already, Chckup is a veterinary scheduling, client communication, and analytics platform that launched in Fall 2022.

Because it's so new, you might be unfamiliar with how we work and why Chckup may or may not be a good fit for your veterinary practice.

If you find yourself in the same place, we hope to clear up some confusion with the 5 Reasons Why Your Veterinary Practice Shouldn’t use Chckup.

1) You Don’t Want Your Clients to Be Able to Book Online

Online booking is pretty overrated. 

Allowing your clients the ability to book an appointment online in real-time and in less than 2 minutes does not compare to having them wait on hold for about 10 minutes.

Online booking studies have even shown that adding online booking systems to your veterinary practice can increase your appointment bookings by anywhere from 37% all the way to 125% on the high end. 

If you do not want your clinic to offer online booking for whatever reason, then maybe it isn’t worth exploring how Chckup can improve your clinic.

2) You Want to Make It Inconvenient For Your Clients

When running a veterinary practice, one of the most important factors for longevity is the experience pet owners have when visiting your clinic. 

You make sure that all your patients and their pet owners receive a personalized and frictionless experience when they encounter your clinic.

That shouldn’t translate at all to the online experience with your clinic.

With ~41% of pet owners booking veterinary appointments between 5 pm - 9 am, almost half of pet owners book appointments after hours.

So why not create a better experience for your clients by offering real-time booking online?

They say you never want to mess up your first impression. So why should the first interaction that a pet owner has with your clinic online be so frustrating? 

These people want to pay you money. Why are you making it so difficult for them to do so?

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If you are looking to improve the experience that pet owners have with your clinic online or you are just looking to improve overall client satisfaction in your clinic, then maybe Chckup is not right for your veterinary practice.

3) You Don’t Want to Help Your Staff

Right now there is a severe shortage of veterinary technicians and assistants. The AAHA estimates that turnover is at roughly 23.4%.

Veterinarians too are experiencing burnout with a high 16% turnover rate.

So the last thing you need in a situation involving high turnover and burnout is to help your staff out.

It is estimated that using a real-time booking solution like Chckup can free up to 8 hours a week (~400 hours a year) of your staff’s time that they would normally spend on appointment-related tasks.

This would give your staff the chance to catch up on other tasks or even put their focus on parts of their practice that they normally wouldn’t be able to.

But if that isn’t something that you are willing to do, then maybe Chckup is not right for you.

4) You Hate Saving Money/Love Spending Money

I have been asked multiple times, “Why should my veterinary practice go with Chckup over another veterinary booking platform?”

The honest feedback that we get about Chckup involves one thing. Price.

When talking to veterinary practices, I found that a lot of them really like to spend money. Especially on solutions that only partially meet their needs.

And that’s okay. 

Not every clinic likes to save money. 

Not every clinic wants to try a new solution just because it is “more affordable & better.”

Just compare Chckup to the other booking platforms in the veterinary industry. As you can see, Chckup might not be the right choice for your clinic.

5) You Do Not Want to Manage Your Practice’s Performance

Another reason why your practice shouldn’t use Chckup is because of our Daily Huddle feature.

The Daily Huddle gives you real-time updates on your practice. Some metrics include:

  • Your revenue breakdown for the month

  • How you are doing compared to your goals broken down on a daily basis

  • Opportunities for upsells

  • Opportunities for improvements

  • Appointment Metrics

I know what you’re probably thinking. Our practice manager would get no value from this and it would in no way help move the practice forward.

We believe that when it comes to managing a veterinary practice if you can track it, you can improve it. So we built the Daily Huddle Dashboard with this mantra in mind.

That’s why if you’re reading this, Chckup is not the software that you should implement into your practice.

It streamlines your practice’s schedule AND gives you actionable steps to improve your practice's performance, something that we have found that most practices do not want.

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Due to the numerous reasons above, Chckup might not be the best solution for you.

But, if for some odd reason, you made it to the end of this article and you still aren’t convinced that Chckup is a bad idea.

If you actually think Chckup would be a good fit for your veterinary practice, schedule a demo below, and we will have your practice up and running in no time!

Are you a veterinary professional?

If you're in the veterinary field and you're interested in giving your practice the extra hands it desperately needs, book an 8 minute demo with Chckup. Our platform helps busy practices handle call overload, boost revenue per client, and increase client satisfaction by providing actionable insights and easy-to-use technology to help you stay on top of everything.

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