Why choose

Chckup over PetsApp?

Chckup is the PetsApp alternative that makes scheduling and client interaction quick and easy for both veterinary practices and pet owners.

Chckup vs PetsApp

PetsApp was a great start. Chckup picks up where it left off.

PetsApp is a simple product for a simple user. It's got a great team behind it and a solid product today. But let's face it, PetsApp won't move the needle for your practice.

If you're okay with doing the bare minimum to improve your veterinary practice, Chckup probably won't be a good fit for you. But if you care about supercharging your practice growth and providing an enjoyable experience for pet parents, you're in the right place.

A fundamentally different scheduling experience

Other scheduling tools

Lots of time spent back-and-forth between practice and clients

The Chckup Experience

A beautiful, interactive, interface that allows both clinics and clients to instantly pick the time that works best for them.











Real-time Scheduling

No need to go back-and-forth on what times work best for both practice and client.

Scheduling rules

Tailor your clinic's availability the way you want. Based on doctor availability, service type, patient type, or a specific day.

Compatible with your PIMS

Chckup works with your PIMS to read AND write back data.

Prefill recipient info

No longer will your clients have to fill out the same forms every time they visit. We save their info and prefill it for returning appointments.

Morning Huddle

Want to know how your clinic is performing based on your goals? Chckup pulls all your important practice metrics and displays action steps for you to execute on.


Besides our morning huddle software, Chckup pulls all the info you need to run your practice and displays it in an easy-to-read manner.

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With Chckup, your patients can see all your open availabilities and pick the time that works best for them without needing to talk to the front desk.

With PetsApp, your clients can see all your open availabilities and pick the time that works best for them without needing to talk to the front desk.



With Chckup, you can you see all your appointment and practice metrics, as well as action steps on how you can improve your veterinary practice.

With PetsApp, you are limited with the analytics you can track.



Chckcup works with your existing PIMS software to enhance its functionality.

PetsApp also works with your exsting PIMS software.


Client Communication

With Chckup, you can send automated emails and text messages to your patients to remind them of their appointments, collect client feedback through reviews, and send reminders to schedule their next appointment.

With PetsApp, you can send automated emails, texts, and push notifications to your patients to remind them of their appointments. You are also able to interact with your clients via PetsApp's 2-way text and chat features.


Switch in 19 minutes or less

You shouldn't have to feel weird about automating your scheduling process. Switch to Chckup and people will be complimenting you on the scheduling experience. It's the scheduling tool both you and pet parents will love.

Set it & Forget it

Checklist to help you migrate

Help from the founders if you get stuck

Switch in 19 minutes or less


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