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When you focus on your client experience, you win.

Why is an appointment “request” option so bad?

The infinitely better option: real-time online scheduling.

Chckup improves your practice reputation

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Your Clients Don’t Want to "Request" an Appointment.

Elliott Greenwood

May 19, 2023 · 3 min read


Your Clients Don’t Want to "Request" an Appointment.

Here at Chckup, we talk to vet clinics every day. And 95% of the time, when we bring up the topic of online scheduling, most vet clinics are quick to say that they already have it.

But when we pull up their practice website, we quickly discover that they simply have a contact form with a button to “request an appointment” or are using a “scheduling platform” that has the same functionality as the contact form - it simply submits a request.

We’re here to tell you that there’s a better way to book appointments online - one that will convert more of your web traffic AND keep the extra work off your front desk.

When you focus on your client experience, you win.

There is no doubt that clinical skills are important! 

But the reality is that when you create an outstanding experience for pet parents, you’ll earn more positive reviews (which generate referrals and new clients) than by doing an excellent technical job alone.

In a recent study of over 35,000 online healthcare reviews, clinical skills were only responsible for 4% of negative reviews. The other 96% were customer-service related, and of those, 53% were related specifically to communication (Vanguard Communications). In fact, one of the most commonly-used phrases among the unhappiest clients in the study was “... to get an appointment …”

Creating a frictionless booking and follow-up process for your potential clients should be a priority for any veterinary practice looking to improve its customer experience. And the client process begins with booking an appointment - where a “request form” is not going to cut it.

Why a request form won't cut it.

Why is an appointment “request” option so bad?

Glad you asked!

Imagine trying to book a flight for your next vacation, and instead of a full list of available flights, times, and seats, the airline just gave you a vague contact form to fill out and “request a flight”. Without any information as to when you might hear back, or any knowledge of what flights are even available.

Or if you were trying to buy something on Amazon, and instead of being able to choose your quantity, shipping method, and payment method, Amazon gave you no idea what is available - only the option to “request a purchase”.

You’d hate it. And that’s how your clients feel when the vague “request an appointment” form is on your website.

Instead of allowing a potential client who’s ready to choose your veterinary practice because they have a seamless way of getting on your schedule, you’re putting all sorts of barriers up when their only options are to “request” an appointment, or call your practice during business hours. With today’s technology, removing those roadblocks has never been easier - simply let your client book their own appointment, 24/7.

The infinitely better option: real-time online scheduling.

This simple change in your client onboarding process gives pet owners the ability to book an appointment with your practice just like they book flights, buy from Amazon, make dinner reservations, and book Ubers.

For the pet owner, it provides a frictionless transition from “I like this vet clinic” to “Great, I can book an appointment right now!” There’s no need for them to remember to call during business hours, and no need to submit an “appointment request” with unknown response times (Accenture 2013 consumer survey).

For your practice, it means a higher conversion rate on all of your marketing efforts, less 8-minute scheduling phone calls, and more fully-booked clients -- 100% of clients who schedule through Chckup result in booked appointments.

Additionally, real-time online scheduling improves the pet owner experience because your staff can focus their full attention on caring for pets who are actually in the office, resulting in even higher client satisfaction.

Chckup improves your practice reputation

With Chckup’s real-time online scheduling, your clients benefit from having a fully-booked appointment in under 2 minutes. From wherever they find you, at whatever time.

At the same time, your practice reaps the benefits from an improved client experience, which addresses the 94% of negative customer complaints, and results in an improved practice reputation.

Ready to make the switch from request to real-time?

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