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We Get It

How did we eliminate these concerns?

1. Extra Work - Why Request Systems Aren’t The Answer

2. Double-Bookings

3. Fake clients

The Chckup Difference

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Online Scheduling has a Bad Reputation - but We Fixed it.

Elliott Greenwood

May 19, 2023 · 3 min read


Online Scheduling has a Bad Reputation - but We Fixed it.

In the world of veterinary medicine, online scheduling has a terrible reputation. Tons of extra follow-up work, double- or even triple-booked appointments, inefficient scheduling workarounds, and fake client information among other things have left a bad taste in the mouths of veterinary practice owners and managers. So much so, that lots of veterinary practices won’t even think about letting pet owners book appointments online.

Trust us when we say, we get it. - Most veterinarians and practice managers are wary of any sort of online scheduling system because they or someone they know has been burned in the past from issues caused by “online scheduling”.

At Chckup, we run into a lot of these objections on the daily when we’re talking to veterinarians, practice managers, and other staff.

We Get It

But we also know that our platform is different than all of the other ones on the market.

We spent 2 years developing our platform to be a true online scheduling platform - one that works in the same way that booking a flight or an Airbnb does.

Our platform allows practices to maintain complete control of their schedules, while allowing pet owners to schedule a fully-booked appointment entirely online.

  • No manual follow-up work.

  • No follow-up phone tag.

  • No workarounds.

  • No extra scheduling columns needed.

  • No delay in reading your schedule.

Just a fully-booked appointment the second a client confirms their appointment.

How did we eliminate these concerns?

Let’s talk about some of the most common ones...

1. Extra Work - Why Request Systems Aren’t The Answer

Most “online scheduling” platforms, especially in the veterinary industry, are simply appointment requests in disguise. That means there’s just as much work involved in scheduling an appointment as there would be if they called your office, if not more.

In most cases, the time it takes to book these “online requests” is significantly more than normal appointments.

That’s because once your front desk receives the request form, they need to reach out to the pet parent directly to schedule the appointment. This defeats the point of online scheduling.

Many times, your front desk staff needs to reach out multiple times just to reach the pet owner and schedule or reschedule their requested appointment time. Less than 85% of appointments requested actually make become booked appointments.

With Chckup, 100% of appointments that are scheduled online actually become booked appointments.

Even better - you don’t need to do a single thing once a client has scheduled an appointment through Chckup.

The appointment is already fully booked and written into your practice management system, just as if your front desk had scheduled it themselves.

2. Double-Bookings

With other systems, double booking is a serious problem. 

Most are able to “read” a certain column in your schedule some even have the ability to read your schedule in real-time, but they definitely don’t have the ability to write the appointment back into your practice management system, saving the appointment for the online client.

Instead, the front desk gets an email or notification that then needs to be put in as an appointment during business hours. This gap in systems results in a huge window of opportunity for double-booking.

Chckup was built to completely eliminate the risk of double-booking by seamlessly integrating with your practice management system.

Chckup reads or scans your calendar for openings and then writes the appointment back into the practice management system based on your preference. (Instantly or with Practice Confirmation).

All information is in real time, just as if someone at your front desk was scheduling an appointment.

3. Fake clients

With many online “scheduling” systems, pet owners can put in any sort of information they want. 

When you try to track them down to confirm their appointment, they prove impossible to reach, wasting valuable staff time.

Chckup prevents this from happening through various forms of verification on all submitted contact information.

Additionally, we take it one step further and use client contact information verification to prevent duplicate clients or appointments from being created in your practice management system.

The Chckup Difference

Chckup was created in order to make scheduling appointments for your furry friends easier for both vet clinics and pet owners. Through extensive research, years of development and successful deployment in veterinary practices across the country, we are confident that scheduling with Chckup is what online scheduling should be.

If you’re now reconsidering your opinion on online scheduling - book your demo with one of our founding team members below! We’d be happy to walk you through our platform and answer any additional questions you might have!

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