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Reduce No-Shows

Book More Appointments

Improve Your Availability

Increase Revenue Through Text Advertisements

Educate Your Clients

How To Get Started with Veterinary Text Messaging

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Benefits of Client Text Messaging for Your Veterinary Practice

Elliott Greenwood

May 19, 2023 · 3 min read


Benefits of Client Text Messaging for Your Veterinary Practice

Is your veterinary practice taking advantage of client text messaging services? 

In today’s busy world, it’s too easy for clients to ignore phone calls reminding them of appointments or asking them to schedule their pet’s next annual. Text messages, on the other hand, are quick to send, highly visible, and more engaging.

Approximately 55% of clients across all age groups prefer text messaging as a communication channel over phone calls. Vet practice text messaging services like Chckup offer a convenient way to boost your revenue while staying in touch with your valuable clients.

Reduce No-Shows

Your veterinary practice regularly calls clients to remind them of upcoming appointments. But if your calls keep going to voicemail, clients may forget about their appointment completely, which means lost revenue for you.

If your practice struggles with no-shows, try switching to text messaging as your primary form of communication. clients are more likely to notice and respond to text-based appointment reminders — all it takes is a few seconds for them to text back "YES" or click twice to let your practice know they’re coming. This will automatically update to confirm their appointment in your practice management system.

Book More Appointments

Your clients lead busy lives, so it’s not surprising when they forget to book an appointment for their pet’s next annual or other veterinary services. 

Don’t wait around hoping clients remember to make an appointment — use text messaging to remind them instead. 

Allow them to easily book an appointment through a link using Online Scheduling. You can even send Digital Forms through text messages to save time when clients arrive at your practice.

Unlike phone and email-based reminders, clients are more likely to see and respond to text message communications. In fact, 85% of people read text messages within the first five minutes of receiving them, whereas phone calls often go unanswered. Additionally, clients only open roughly 25% of the emails they receive.

Improve Your Availability

Text messaging allows clients to connect with your practice more easily when they have questions or concerns. Your practice is likely busy all day long, making it difficult for clients to reach a team member over the phone — and that’s if they can even find the time to call your practice.

Thanks to text messaging services, clients can send and receive messages when it’s convenient for them. Plus, text messages don’t disappear, which makes it easy for clients to refer to your advice whenever they need to.

Increase Revenue Through Text Advertisements

Phone calls aren’t the only thing your clients ignore. Many people receive piles of mail to sift through every day, so it’s not surprising if your postal advertisements get lost in the shuffle. Mail-based advertisements are expensive to produce and send too.

Text messages are cheaper and far more effective than traditional advertising. Try sending promotions featuring a discount on vaccinations, groomings, etc. before summer vacations or during the holidays to boost your practice’s revenue all year.

Educate Your Clients

Your clients interact with your practice just a few times a year, so they’ll likely forget about you between visits. 

To keep your practice in their thoughts, try sending helpful advice and educational information through regular client text messaging. For instance, you can remind clients of the importance of flossing or give tips on recognizing cavities or gum disease.

How To Get Started with Veterinary Text Messaging

If you have goals to book more appointments and reduce no-shows, then switch to 2-Way Communication. Our innovative system offers automated client reminders, a real-time client chat feature, and seamless syncing with your practice management system. Schedule a demo today!

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