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"What on Earth is Chckup?"

Chckup is the easiest way to instantly book appointments on the Internet.

Recently I went to take my dog Hannah to her usual vet to see about a tumor that was on her stomach. After setting up the initial appointment, we had three follow-up appointments over the next six weeks for a treatment plan. I had to call the vet every time to schedule the next appointment. It was a hassle, and I was always worried about missing a call or not being able to get through. After it was all said and done, I had spent over 2 hours on the phone, 40 minutes per appointment on average, just trying to get the proper care for my dog.

If you're a pet owner, I bet this story sounds familiar to you. But if you own a clinic, we know it isn't your fault! You're busy doing what matters: providing care, filling prescriptions, dealing with no-shows... a busy front desk just comes with the territory. But we want to help you change that, and we want to help you do it in a way that's easy and affordable.

So we built Chckup. Chckup is a simple, affordable way to instantly book appointments on the Internet. We integrate with your PMS, so you can book appointments 24/7, spend less time on the phone, and improve client satisfaction for your veterinary clinic. Trust me, I wish my clinic had Chckup when I was scheduling appointments for Hannah.

So, help us make sure our furry friends can get the care they need quickly and easily.

We appreciate your support, and we hope you join us on the continued path to improving the Vet Clinic Process!

- Elliott Greenwood, Co-Founder

But who started all this?

Meet the Dream Team

Elliott Greenwood

Elliott Greenwood

Co-Founder and Leader of Business

Elliott handles all of Chckup’s business operations so the rest of the team can focus on development. Elliott has been an entrepreneur his whole life going from lemonade stands, to reselling on eBay, to the first business he started when he was 15, a men’s clothing business. Since then, he has started an investment club, invested in a few real estate deals, and had a podcast that had 51 episodes. Outside of work, Elliott enjoys listening to hip hop and stand up comedy.

Colin Hebert

Colin Hebert

Co-Founder and Head of Product

Colin is obsessed with you, the user. His day to day involves both software development and talking with users to find out how to make their lives easier in any way. Colin is lifelong friends with Elliott and met Matthew and George through Computer Science at LSU. Colin is passionate about bringing the power of choice to the consumer. When he isn't coding, Colin loves to eat out with friends and play with his dog.

Matthew Ieyoub

Matthew Ieyoub

Co-Founder and Technology Lead

Matthew is a fullstack developer and recent graduate of LSU. He's got years of experience both in software development and taking care of pets, his current being a fat cat named Toonces whom he loves dearly. He's got a passion for entrepreneurship, technology, and animals, which makes Chckup the perfect fit for him. Besides developing, Matthew enjoys video games, creating music, and recreational sports.

George Villaume

George Villaume

Co-Founder and Creative Director

George is the head frontend developer and designer for Chckup. He has four years of experience in web development using JavaScript and React. Though a developer, business is in George’s blood. He is following in the footsteps of his father, who is also an entrepreneur, by helping to start not only Chckup, but his own web development firm. In his personal life, George plays guitar in his own band and hobbies as a 3D artist using Blender.


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