Meet the all-in-one veterinary scheduling and analytics platform.

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Every day, software becomes more important to the lives of clinicians and their patients. But outdated and complicated software, combined with the rising standard of practice performance, makes it difficult to stay ahead and avoid burnout.

That's why we're here. Chckup's all-in-one scheduling and analytics platform helps overloaded practices save time for the things that matter, and increase client satisfaction through a better software experience.

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Our Team

Elliott Greenwood

Elliott Greenwood, Co-Founder and Leader of Business

Elliott Greenwood is the Business Lead of Chckup. Having built other startups in the past, Elliott's firm belief that incredible customer service can be a major differentiator in the veterinary space is what led him to start Chckup. He is a recent graduate of LSU, where he studied finance and entrepreneurship. In his free time, Elliott enjoys comedy, music, and spending time with his black lab Hannah.

Colin Hebert

Colin Hebert, Co-Founder and Head of Product

Colin is obsessed with you, the user. While professionally a software engineer, Colin spends much of his day interacting with users to uncover ways in which Chckup can become more useful. Colin is lifelong friends with Elliott and met Matthew and George through their days in college, giving the team deep chemistry that they leverage to execute at breakneck speed. When he isn't coding, Colin likes to work on hardware side projects and eat great food.

Matthew Ieyoub

Matthew Ieyoub, Co-Founder and Technology Lead

Matthew is a fullstack developer who is the lead developer for Chckup. He has years of experience in both software development and taking care of pets, his current being a fat cat named Toonces whom he loves dearly. He has a passion for entrepreneurship, technology, and animals, which made Chckup the perfect intersection for him. Besides software development, Matthew enjoys video games, creating music, and recreational sports.

George Villaume

George Villaume, Co-Founder and Creative Director

George is the lead designer for Chckup. An eye for clean and usable design and over 10 years of software experience make for a dangerous combination in George. He uses his skills to not only make software easy to use, but enjoyable too. Though a developer by trade, business is in George's blood. He started in the same way as his father, running a development agency, before moving on to build his own product. In his personal life, George plays guitar in his own band and hobbies as a 3D artist using Blender.

Joe Chickerillo

Joe Chickerillo, Head of Sales

A lifetime Chicagoan, Joe grew up on the South Side, and now lives in the Western burbs. He's accumulated more than a decade of experience in dental software and marketing, and has been a critical part of several successful startup companies in the industry. He is now using his experience in the veterinary space, making it easier for doctors to connect with patients. Beyond helping vets grow their practices, Joe can frequently be found enjoying live music, dive bars, traveling, craft breweries, and driving anywhere & everywhere he can in his '69 Corvette.

Our Advisory Board

Jacob Henderson

Jacob Henderson

Jacob Henderson is an experienced advisory board member, having previously worked with a startup in the dental space. He brings a wealth of knowledge in product management to the veterinary booking software startup company. With his extensive background in the startup world and expertise in product management, Henderson will be a valuable asset to the company as it continues to grow and develop its booking software. His insight and guidance will be crucial in helping the company navigate the competitive world of tech startups and position itself for success.

Derek Gilbert

Derek Gilbert

Derek Gilbert is a seasoned advisory board member, with a background in the startup world and expertise in sales and business management. He previously worked with a startup in the dental space, where he gained valuable experience and insight into the world of tech startups. Gilbert brings this expertise to the veterinary booking software startup company, where he will provide valuable guidance and support in the areas of sales and business management. His knowledge and experience will be crucial in helping the company grow and succeed in the competitive tech startup market. With Gilbert on the advisory board, the company can be confident in its ability to navigate the challenges of the industry and achieve its goals.

Tom Brown

Tom Brown

We are excited to have Tom as an advisory board member. He brings 20+ years of business leadership experience, the last 12 being in tech startups. He has a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma and has focused on sales & marketing structures & processes that have led to multiple positive exits in the last decade. Tom is known for building successful revenue generating teams that bring a customer focused, value-added, and process-oriented approach to company growth.

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