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What Is a Dead Link?

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What Is a Dead Link and What Can You Do to Fix It on Your Veterinary Practice’s Webpage?

Elliott Greenwood

May 19, 2023 · 3 min read


What Is a Dead Link and What Can You Do to Fix It on Your Veterinary Practice’s Webpage?

Have you noticed that your practice’s webpage isn’t ranking as high as it used to? There could be all sorts of reasons for this — and one of them is dead links.

Poor ranking is a serious issue. If your site isn’t ranking on search engines, it can be harder to attract attention and new clients to your practice’s website. 

One reason why your site might be ranking poorly is due to dead links. But what is a dead link, and why can it be such a problem? Read on to find out.

A dead link — also known as a broken link — is a link that leads to nowhere. The site might be permanently unavailable online, or it might just be down for maintenance. Whatever the reason, wherever the link initially led to isn’t there now.

This can be a bigger issue in some situations than in others.

  • If a page is just down temporarily, the dead link won’t likely cause too many problems. 

  • If the page is gone permanently, you could be looking at serious consequences.

Consider this scenario: 

  • You’re browsing a webpage and see a useful-looking link.

  • You click on the link, expecting it to take you to a new page. 

  • Instead, you get an error message.

Now you’re feeling a little wary. If the site you’re on doesn’t have links that work, how do you know that you can trust it? You might decide that it’s better to find a more reliable site and head back to the search results.

You don’t want people doing this to your practice’s website. People leaving causes problems for several reasons:

  1. Search engines take note of your bounce rate.

    1. The bounce rate is, essentially, how long people stay on your page. 

    2. If people notice dead links, they’re more likely to leave the page. 

    3. Search engines will see this, assume your site isn’t trustworthy, and lower your ranking.

  2. People will be less likely to book an appointment with your practice.

    1. If people aren’t staying on your site because of broken links, they won’t see much about the services you offer and likely won’t book an appointment either.

      1. Fewer Bookings means less money for your veterinary practice

  3. You might not effectively be taking advantage of internal linking.

    1. Internal linking is a great way to encourage people to explore more of your site. 

    2. If you have broken internal links, clients can’t get to the pages you want them to.

In addition to the above, search engines pay attention to the links themselves, too. 

Having working links can increase your ranking, and, having broken links can decrease it.

If you have dead links on your site, there’s a simple solution: replace them with working links. 

Now that can be easier said than done. If you have a site with many different pages, it can take a while to check every link. 

In addition, it’s harder to keep track of external links than internal ones. You’d have to be extra vigilant to make sure that no external links are breaking, something that is very time-consuming.

Using a link-checking tool like Moz, SEMRush, or Ahrefs, or hiring a team to handle the task for you, can be a great way to determine if you happen to have any dead links on your site. 

This way, you won’t waste time searching page by page for broken links.

Once you’ve identified any broken links, the first thing to do is check that everything’s spelled correctly. Sometimes, the issue isn’t that the page is gone; the link just wasn’t put in correctly! Addressing spelling issues can be a simple way to fix a broken link.

If you’ve confirmed the site’s really not there, it’s time to replace the link. Take out the broken link, then find a relevant replacement and add it to the site.

Generally speaking, you’ll want to start with the highest-priority pages. These are the ones you really want to rank in search engines. You can worry about other pages if you have time.

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