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Online scheduling solutions like Chckup solve these problems.

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Does Your Vet Practice Need Online Scheduling? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Elliott Greenwood

Jun 8, 2023 · 2 min read


Does Your Vet Practice Need Online Scheduling? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Since its inception, online booking has changed everything about the way that businesses interact with their clients and that’s not an exaggeration.

From streamlining operations to improving client satisfaction, online booking has quickly become a standard practice for lots of businesses. And that’s because it has proven to be effective as a way to grow your business.

Now while there are a lot of people in the veterinary industry that use online booking or online scheduling in their practices, there are still a handful of people out there saying “is online scheduling really that important?”

The answer is yes—and surveys & polls have proven it 1,000x over.

As a practice manager or owner, the only stat you need is that 81% of pet owners prefer to schedule their appointments online, but we are going to give your more.

Full Infographic of Why Your Veterinary Practice Needs Online Scheduling

Are you convinced yet?

When practices are hesitant to start utilizing online scheduling, they usually say they already have online scheduling or they don’t want to give up control of their schedule. Maybe it's both. And those are legitimate concerns, but it doesn’t change the fact that online scheduling is still crucial to improving your veterinary practice for the future.

If you think you have online scheduling, you need to make sure you don’t actually just have a request service. Most practices still engage in the back-and-forth practice of letting pet owners fill out endless web forms just to play phone tag with them for days. Ultimately it takes a lot more of your time than just offering appointments via phone calls. 85% of online appointment requests end up not getting scheduled

Or you don’t want to give up control of your schedule. The last thing you want is for pet owners to schedule any appointment they want whenever they want.

Online scheduling solutions like Chckup solve these problems.

No need for a request system. Set your practice’s availabilities once, and those options are automatically displayed to pet owners looking to schedule online. That way you can instantly book appointments that work for both the clinic and the pet owner.

“But if I do that, won’t I be giving up control of my practice’s schedule?” That’s where Chckup’s “scheduling rules” come into play. You can customize your vet practice’s schedule however you want, so you never lose control of your schedule.

Scheduling rules allow you to customize by:

  • Services

  • Species Type

  • Clinician

  • Patient Type

  • Time Frame

Walkthrough of chckup's scheduling rules for our scheduling platform.

So start using online scheduling today and start saving your staff more time on scheduling and making your clients happier!

Are you a veterinary professional?

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